Church Gets Summary Judgment in Cook County

Bill Weiler and Mike Radak were successful in convincing a Cook County, Illinois judge to grant their motion for summary judgment on behalf of a church in a premises liability case. The plaintiff, who had been severely injured when she fell down stairs on the church’s property had claimed that the church’s stairway violated various building codes and had not been properly maintained. Mr. Weiler and Mr. Radak showed that their was no evidence to support plaintiff’s claims that the stairway caused the plaintiff’s accident. The court dismissed the plaintiff’s case with prejudice.

Federal Court dismisses complaint alleging Truth-in-Lender Act violations by dealership.

Mohammed Nofal represented an automobile dealership in a complaint alleging violations of the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act. A motion to dismiss was filed. The court granted the motion and dismissed plaintiff’s claims.

Plaintiff demands $600,000 from arbitrator for trip and fall, receives $15,830

Plaintiff struck her foot on an uncovered electrical box on the floor of a grocery store, resulting in a fractured bone that she claimed kept her from being able to use the pedals in her job as an organ player at church.  She claimed $10,000 in medical bills with lost wages in excess of $300,000.  Parties agreed to a binding arbitration, where Attorney Michael Radak defended the grocery store client.  At the close of plaintiff’s case, she requested $600,000 as compensation.  Plaintiff was awarded $15,830.40.

Senior Living Facility Did Not Discriminate Against Former Employee

A former employee of one of Bill Weiler’s clients, a senior living facility, filed a complaint with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that the facility had discriminated against her based on her age, sex, and race when it failed to promote her. Following Mr. Weiler’s explanation of the facts of the case, the EEOC dismissed the claim.

Finish Carpentry Subcontractor Vindicated in Water Damage Claim

Steve Johnson successfully defended a subcontractor incorrectly blamed for a water leak that caused substantial damage to a Gold Coast condominium being renovated.  Steve’s extensive knowledge of the construction industry, contracts and local building code issues resulted in identification of the most likely party responsible for the water leak and a favorable resolution of all claims, including claims for indemnification by the general contractor.

Plaintiff demands $111,000; jury awards only $12,000 in medical bills

Attorney Michael Radak received a significantly reduced trial verdict after attacking plaintiff’s damages claims in slip and fall trial. Plaintiff, a 76 year old female, tripped and fell on a mat entering the defendant’s grocery store.  Plaintiff had approximately $12,000 in medical bills for a herniated disc and physical therapy.  Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $90,000 and rejected a settlement offer of $25,000.  Plaintiff’s counsel asked for $111,000 in closing at trial.  After a 10% reduction for plaintiff’s contributory negligence, a verdict was entered in favor of plaintiff for $12,000.

Jury Finds In Favor of Gynecologists

Troy Lundquist and Anastasia Hess represented two gynecologists in a medical malpractice case.  Plaintiff presented to the Doctor for complaints of severe left-sided pain.  Based on the physical examination and imaging studies, the Plaintiff was diagnosed with a multi-septated mass on her ovary.  The gynecologists performed a laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst, and because they could not visualize the mass due to adhesions, the procedure was converted the laparoscopy when enterotomy occurred.  Because an enterotomy is a known risk of the procedure, Plaintiff contended that the surgery should not have been performed.  The defense argued that the surgery was indicated due to Plaintiff’s pain complaints as well as to confirm that the cyst was not cancerous.   The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Doctor.

Investigation of Evanston Dryer Fire Eliminates HVAC Client as a Potential Cause of the Fire and Gets Client Paid

After a fire started in the duct work installed by the firm’s client, Steve Johnson was retained to investigate the cause of the fire.  Working with an origin and cause fire investigator and a mechanical engineer, Steve was able to eliminate the firm’s HVAC client as a cause of the fire and, instead, establish that the fire was caused by a combination of the home owner failing to clean the dryer vent and his installation of a guard on the outside of the home to prevent birds and squirrels from building nests in the vent pipe.  Upon the conclusion of our investigation, the home owners released any and all claims against our client and issued a check to pay the remaining balance owed for the work that had been performed by our client.

Plaintiff grocery vendor settles after having wage loss and permanency claims barred

Attorney Michael Radak successfully barred significant aspects of plaintiff’s claim to warrant a significantly reduced settlement.  Plaintiff, a grocery vendor, slipped and fell on a wet floor behind the fish counter at the defendant’s grocery store.  Plaintiff incurred approximately $36,000 in medical bills with significant lost wages.  Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $300,000.  After ruling on motions in limine, which barred plaintiff’s wage loss claim and aspects of his claimed damages, plaintiff accepted $20,000 to settle the case.

Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of Construction Manager

Troy Lundquist successfully tried and defended a claim by an electrician who alleged he sustained closed head injury and brain damage due to an electrocution.   Plaintiff claimed that Defendant construction manager retained control over the safety at the work site and failed to inspect the premises.  Plaintiff asked for $13 million in closing.  The jury found in favor of the Defendant.