Fall at grocery store leads to skin ulcer requiring grafting; Award entered in favor of defendant store

Plaintiff slipped and fell on liquid on the floor of defendant’s store.  She sustained a severe bruise on her leg that resulted in a skin ulcer that required grafting and leaving scarring on her legs.  Plaintiff also claimed neck and back injuries requiring therapy.  Attorney Michael Radak defended the matter at arbitration. Plaintiff incurred approximately $16,000 in medical bills, and asked for $30,000 at the arbitration.  An award was successfully entered in favor of the defendant and against the plaintiff.

Quick and Thorough Investigation of Commercial Furnace Fire Results in Full Recovery for Client, Without the Need to File Suit

Following the installation of a new commercial furnace, but before commissioning of the furnace was completed at a large truck manufacturing and testing facility in Illinois, a fire started in the furnace which caused substantial property damage and business interruption for the firm’s client.  Steve was retained on the date of the fire and had engineers and an origin and cause fire investigator on site the next day.  After putting all the potentially responsible people on notice of a potential claim, developing a protocol for the inspection of the commercial furnace and conducting a detailed inspection, Steve was able to obtain a full recovery from the manufacturer and the sub-contractor retained to install the software controls for the furnace without even having to file suit.

Internist not Liable for Death (Jury verdict)

Troy Lundquist and Anastasia Hess successfully tried and defended a medical malpractice claim pending in Will County.  They defended an internist in a case involving the death of a 55-year-old man after he sustained a ruptured aortic aneurysm.    The jury returned a verdict in favor of the doctor – finding that the doctor did not violate the standard of care in treating the decedent.

Complete Recovery for Commercial Client, Without Having to File Suit

Steve Johnson was retained by a suburban BMW dealer after one of its demonstration vehicles was damaged during a test drive by an inattentive driver.  When the responsible driver’s insurance carrier refused to pay for the damage, Steve stepped in and negotiated a settlement which netted the BMW dealership the full cost of repairs as well as the diminished value of the vehicle as a result of being in an accident before being titled.  The settlement was obtained without the need for the client to file suit saving time and money for the firm’s client who was able then to sell the vehicle for salvage without incurring a loss.

Construction defect case against developer and general contractor settles for nominal amount.

A group of plaintiffs filed suit against a developer and the general contractor for alleged defects in various condo units. The complaint alleged breach of contract and breach of warranty – and sought damages in excess of $125,000. After discovery revealed lack of liability against the developer and general contractor, Mohammed Nofal negotiated a nominal settlement.

Jury Finds Doctor Met Standard of Care

Suzanne Favia Gillen and Michelle Paveza represented an obstetrician/gynecologist in a medical malpractice case.  Plaintiff presented to the Doctor on referral for complaints of severe right-sided pain.  Based on the physical examination and imaging studies, the Plaintiff was diagnosed with constipation and ovarian cysts.  Eight days later the Plaintiff underwent surgery to remove a right-sided ectopic pregnancy.  Plaintiff alleged that she was pregnant at the time of the office visit, and that the delay in diagnosis denied her the opportunity to treat the pregnancy medically instead of surgically.  The defense contended that the Plaintiff’s history and physical examination findings were inconsistent with pregnancy.  The jury returned a verdict in favor of the Doctor after a week of trial testimony.

Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Reverse Judgment in Favor of Engineering Firm in Wrongful Death Suit

The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of an order dismissing a wrongful death lawsuit filed against one of Bill Weiler’s clients. The plaintiff was the husband of a construction worker who was killed while working in a construction site. He alleged that Mr. Weiler’s client, the engineering firm that had designed the construction project, was negligent because it failed to properly provide for the workers’ safety. Mr. Weiler was successful in convincing a Cook County, Illinois judge to bar the plaintiff’s expert witness because he was unqualified. The judge also granted the motion for summary judgment that Mr. Weiler filed on behalf of the engineering firm, holding that there was no evidence that it had done anything to cause the worker’s death. The Illinois Appellate Court affirmed the trial judge’s ruling and the Illinois Supreme Court found no reason to disturb those rulings.

Commercial Litigation – Obtained Complete Dismissal of TCPA Class Action Claim

Steve Johnson successfully obtained a dismissal with prejudice for his client who had been targeted as a part of a “blast fax” class action law suit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.  By identifying the key issues in the dispute immediately upon being retained by a well-known seafood restaurant, Steve was able to quickly reach agreement with Plaintiff’s class counsel to dismiss its claims against the restaurant and pursue other parties.

Construction negligence case against subcontractor settles for nuisance-value.

Mohammed Nofal represented a subcontractor in a construction negligence lawsuit. Plaintiff alleged that he was injured when he fell through a hole on the construction site – and demanded $3 million to settle. A nuisance-value amount was negotiated on behalf of the subcontractor as liability was lacking.

Church Not Liable for Accident Victim’s Brain Damage

Bill Weiler and Chris Dunsing were successful in convincing a court to dismiss a lawsuit against their client, a church. The plaintiff had suffered severe brain damage as a result of an accident that occurred on the church’s property during a church sponsored event. The court ruled in favor of the church and dismissed the plaintiff’s claim with prejudice.