Illinois Appellate Law

Not every decision made by the courts is the right decision. Mistakes are made, evidence is overlooked, new evidence is brought to light. There are numerous reasons why an appeal may be granted. Being able to present those reasons and argue their importance and relevance is a skill all its own.

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting appeals that have resulted in new trials being granted or verdicts being modified for the benefit of our clients.

Our attorneys have prosecuted and defended appeals before a variety of federal and state appellate courts, including the Supreme Courts of Illinois and Iowa. We have briefed and argued appeals on matters involving all areas of our practice including interlocutory appeals and appeals after verdict.

If you feel you have grounds for an appeal, contact us today. We will carefully examine your case to determine if an appeal is warranted; if so, we will also give you an honest answer regarding your appeal’s chances of success.

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