Illinois Property Damage Attorney

At Langhenry, Gillen, Lundquist & Johnson, LLC, we have seasoned trial counsel experienced in handling the prosecution and defense of large property claims resulting from fires, mechanical and structural failures, and other catastrophic events. Our lawyers have led numerous investigations and coordinated the work of engineers and experts to determine the origin and cause of fires, mechanical failures and structural collapses.

We are skilled in the appropriate consensus standards and procedures to ensure that our retained consultants document the loss scene and identify and preserve all relevant evidence, including procedures in NFPA 921, ASTM E-620, E-678, E-860, E-1020, E-1188, and E-1459.

By working together with property insurers or product manufacturers and liability insurers, we identify and retain the necessary experts to develop scene investigation protocols, document evidence preservation and control investigation costs. Once the scene has been released, we are skilled in the technical aspects of developing theories of recovery or determining the available defenses to liability prior to litigation being filed.

In those matters where suit must be filed or claims defended, we have the experienced trial attorneys necessary to effectively prepare the case for trial or alternative dispute resolution.

By involving the client in all aspects of the litigation strategy and budgeting the work to be performed, an effective partnership is formed to manage the case toward resolution.

Contact us today to put our experience and expertise with catastrophic loss recovery and defense to work for you and your company.

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