Jury found in favor of Internist in an alleged failure to diagnose breast cancer

John Langhenry and Melissa Gordon successfully defended an internist who allegedly failed to diagnose breast cancer in a 47-year-old patient.  The plaintiff saw the defendant for two years.  At the time of the first visit, the plaintiff told the physician that she had breast implants.   The physician advised the plaintiff that she does not evaluate or assess breast implants and referred the plaintiff to a surgeon for breast care.  During the next two years, the plaintiff made one complaint regarding her breasts.  At that time, the defendant examined the plaintiff’s breasts and again referred her to the surgeon for evaluation.   The surgeon recommended removal of the breast implants, which the plaintiff declined.  Subsequently, the plaintiff was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The defense argued that the internist complied with the standard of care by advising the plaintiff that she does not evaluate breast implants and referred the patient to the surgeon for further evaluation.