Illinois Supreme Court Refuses to Reverse Judgment in Favor of Engineering Firm in Wrongful Death Suit

The Illinois Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of an order dismissing a wrongful death lawsuit filed against one of Bill Weiler’s clients. The plaintiff was the husband of a construction worker who was killed while working in a construction site. He alleged that Mr. Weiler’s client, the engineering firm that had designed the construction project, was negligent because it failed to properly provide for the workers’ safety. Mr. Weiler was successful in convincing a Cook County, Illinois judge to bar the plaintiff’s expert witness because he was unqualified. The judge also granted the motion for summary judgment that Mr. Weiler filed on behalf of the engineering firm, holding that there was no evidence that it had done anything to cause the worker’s death. The Illinois Appellate Court affirmed the trial judge’s ruling and the Illinois Supreme Court found no reason to disturb those rulings.