Verdict in favor of construction company property owner for alleged negligence in concealing hole

John Langhenry successfully defended a construction company when a plaintiff sustained displaced tibia and fibula fractures with open reduction and hip cast for 9 months as well as femur and ankle fractures.  The defense argued that plaintiff’s own negligence caused his injuries.

Verdict in favor of Radiologist for alleged failure to diagnose bowel perforation

John Langhenry successfully defended a radiologist who performed a barium enema and lower G.I. for allegedly failing to diagnose a bowel perforation.  Plaintiff underwent emergency laparotomy surgery to repair the perforation and flush the barium with subsequent colostomy.  The defense argued that the plaintiff’s presentation and complaints to the radiologist did not warrant further investigation for a suspected perforation.

Verdict in favor of Psychiatrist for admitting teen to psychiatric facility for over 3 months allegedly against his will

John Langhenry successfully defended a psychiatrist who admitted a 17-year-old patient to a psychiatric facility for 114 days with a diagnosis of behavior disorder.  Plaintiff alleged that the psychiatrist did not fully inform the patient or his parents of his rights.  Defendant denied the allegations and maintained that the admission was appropriate.

Verdict in favor of Psychiatrist for allegedly prescribing cardiotoxic medications which caused cardiac arrest

John Langhenry successfully defended a psychiatrist who treated a patient for schizoaffective disorder as an outpatient.  The psychiatrist prescribed psychiatric medications which plaintiff alleged were cardiotoxic for a patient with known heart problems and argued that the heart condition was not properly assessed before prescribing the medications.  The defense argued that the prescriptions were appropriate and did not cause the cardiac event.

Gastroenterologist not guilty when patient suffers perforation after colonoscopy

John Langhenry and Melissa Gordon successfully defended a gastroenterologist who perforated a patient’s colon during a colonoscopy for allegedly failing to timely diagnose the perforation.  The Plaintiff claimed that she called the defendant twenty-four hours after she underwent a colonoscopy with polyp removal and advised the defendant that she had severe abdominal pain.  The physician testified that the complaint of pain was not severe and, as a result, he told the plaintiff to take Tylenol and use a heating pad.  He also told the plaintiff to call back if the pain persisted or worsened.  Instead of calling the physician back the following day, the plaintiff presented to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a perforation in the colon with extensive peritonitis, abscess and infection.  The defense asserted that complaints of some pain after a colonoscopy for a short period of time are not unusual and that, since the pain was not severe, it was appropriate to instruct the patient to take pain medication, to use a heating pad and to call back if the pain did not resolve or worsened.

Endocrinologist not liable for side effects of thyroid medication

John Langhenry and Melissa Gordon defended an endocrinologist treating a patient for hypothyroidism, who was already taking thyroid replacement medication when she first saw the defendant.  The defendant relied on the patient’s report as to how much medication she had been prescribed and prescribed the same amount, which was actually 5 times her normal dosage.  When the plaintiff began making complaints of extreme weakness, palpitations, dizziness, blurred vision and nervousness, the defendant believed the symptoms were from too little medication and told her to double the dosage, which meant she was subsequently taking 10 times her regular amount.  The pharmacist caught the error and Plaintiff stopped taking the excessive amount after two months.  The plaintiff claimed that she suffered extreme fatigue, weakness, vertigo, and permanent changes in skin pigmentation (vitiligo) as a result of the excess dosage.  Plaintiff claimed she was unable to work for approximately one year.  The defense contended that it was appropriate to rely on the plaintiff’s self-reporting of the medication.

Verdict in favor of Psychiatrist for failing to order recommended prostate tests by consultant urologist where patient was later diagnosed with prostate cancer

John Langhenry successfully defended a psychiatrist and attending physician who did not order various tests that were recommended by a consultant urologist when the urologist identified an enlarged irregular prostate during a digital rectal exam while patient was an inpatient during a hospital admission.  The defense argued that an earlier diagnosis of the metastasized prostate cancer which was found 9 months later would not have changed the outcome and death.

Verdict in Favor of Urologist after Minor undergoes nephrectomy

John Langhenry and Melissa Gordon successfully defended a pediatric urologist where the plaintiff alleged that the physician negligently performed a cystoscopy and failed to diagnose a “golf-hole” ureter and severe reflux on several examinations.  The defense contended that the workup was appropriate and the plaintiff acquired the severe reflux and “golf-hole” ureteral orifice after defendant examined the plaintiff.

Arbitration panel returns defense decision

Mohammed A. Nofal secured a defense decision in binding arbitration. At the close of the arbitration hearing, Plaintiff requested $600,000 from the arbitration panel. The arbitrators unanimously agreed with Mohammed’s assessment of the case and returned a decision in line with his position.

Jury finds in favor of General Contractor

Troy A. Lundquist and Mohammed A. Nofal successfully tried and defended a general contractor in a construction negligence case pending in Will County, IL. After fourteen days of testimony and evidence, at the close of the trial the Plaintiff requested an award in excess of $9 million. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the general contractor.