Engineer Pays for Dairy Barn Roof Collapse that Caused Substantial Damage

Steve Johnson recovered a substantial settlement on behalf of a diary farmer whose barn roof collapsed following a snow storm.  Despite cold temperatures and large snow drifts, Steve and his consultant obtained the evidence necessary to identify a design flaw in the roof which caused the structure to collapse and resulted in a quick settlement with the design engineer.

Auto Manufacturer Did Not Breach Agreement

After four days of trial, a Cook County jury found in favor of Bill Weiler’s client, an automobile manufacturer, on all counts. The case involved a claim in which the plaintiff alleged that she could no longer drive her vehicle due to numerous defects which the manufacturer had refused to repair. Mr. Weiler was able to explain to the jurors why the vehicle was not defective and how his client complied with the terms of its agreement with the plaintiff.

Prompt Investigation of Fire Claim Saves Client from Litigation

Following a substantial fire to a new home under construction in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Steve Johnson was retained to investigate the cause of the fire that occurred after the firm’s client left the construction site at the end of the work day.  Steve retained an origin and cause fire investigator and prepared a protocol for the inspection of the fire scene which identified the likely cause of the fire and eliminated the firm’s client as a potentially responsible party for starting the fire that caused in excess of three hundred thousand dollars in damage.  As a result of conducting a prompt and detailed investigation, the firm’s client was not joined as a party to the litigation pursued by the developer and its insurance carrier.

Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of Township

Troy Lundquist and Anastasia Hess with assistance of Michael Radak successfully tried and defended a township where the allegations involved improper placement of signage.  The Plaintiffs were a motorcycle driver and his passenger.    The Plaintiff driver alleged a paralysis injury, and the passenger sustained a lower leg de-gloving injury.  The Plaintiffs asked for in excess of $25 million in closing.    After a three week trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the township.    The verdict was appealed by the Plaintiffs, and the Third District Appellate Court upheld the jury’s verdict.  Troy and Anastasia defended the Appeal.

Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of Hematologist

A Cook County jury found in favor or Bill Weiler’s client in a medical malpractice trial. The plaintiff in the case alleged that Mr. Weiler’s client, a hematologist, improperly adjusted the plaintiff’s anticoagulant medication, which caused a blood clot to form in her leg. As a result, the plaintiff alleged, her leg had to be amputated. The jury disagreed, and found that Mr. Weiler’s client acted appropriately and complied with the applicable standard of care.

Motion to Dismiss Granted In Favor of Township

Plaintiff alleged the township failed to remove trees and bushes at an intersection, thereby causing a site obstruction.   Anastasia Hess filed a Motion to Dismiss on behalf of the Defendant Township, and the trial court granted the Motion.    Troy and Anastasia successfully defended the appeal as well, and the Third District Appellate Court affirmed the trial court’s ruling in Kirschbaum v. Homer Township, et. al., 365 Ill.App.486, 848 N.E.2d 1052 (3rd Dist. 2006).

Anesthesiologist Found Not Liable for Malpractice

The jury returned a verdict in favor of Bill Weiler’s client, an anesthesiologist, in a medical malpractice trial in CookCounty. The plaintiff had alleged that he suffered a brain injury after he aspirated during surgery, in part, he claimed, because Mr. Weiler’s client failed to use proper technique during the induction of anesthesia. However, the jury found that Mr. Weiler’s client complied with the standard of care and nothing he did or failed to do injured the plaintiff in any way.

Defense Verdict after Trip and Fall at Fueling Station; Plaintiff Rejects $750,000 pre-trial offer

Plaintiff, a 60 year old truck driver, sued after tripping over a broken section of a fuel pump island at a filling station.  Plaintiff had approximately $75,000 in medical bills and significant lost wages.  Plaintiff’s demand was $3 million and defendants collectively offered $750,000 to settle prior to trial, which was rejected.  Plaintiff asked for $5 million from the jury.  A verdict was entered in favor of all defendants and against the plaintiff.  Verdict was upheld on appeal.

Jury Finds that Automobile Manufacturer Did Not Breach Contract

A Cook County jury found in favor of Bill Weiler’s client, an automobile manufacturer, in a trial regarding whether the manufacturer breached the vehicle’s warranty. The plaintiff had claimed that there were numerous defects in his car that were not properly repaired. Mr. Weiler was able to effectively explain to the jury that, although the plaintiff had made a number of complaints about his car, Mr. Weiler’s client had responded appropriately to each one and did not breach its contract.

Jury Returns Verdict in Favor of Petroleum Company

Troy Lundquist successfully tried and defended a trip and fall claim that involved a sixty year old man who alleged that he tripped and fell over a piece of metal jutting up from a fuel pump.   Despite the condition being open and obvious, Plaintiff contended that he had to encounter the condition in order to do his job.  Defense argued that the Plaintiff admitted that he had filled up his truck 10-12 times at the damaged fuel pump without incident, and therefore, the Plaintiff was contributorily negligent.  The jury agreed and returned a verdict in favor of the Defendant Petroleum Company.  Plaintiff appealed, and the First District Appellate Court affirmed the decision of the trial court.  Troy and Anastasia defended the Appeal.  Mathews v. Avalon Petroleum, et. al., 375 Ill.App.3d 1, 871 NE.2d 859 (1st Dist. 2004).